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Metal Receiver Hitch Covers

Transform that gaping hole under your rear bumper into a stylish expression of team spirit with our selection of metal hitch covers. Durable receiver hitch covers fit 2” receivers, and are 4” wide by 6” tall, allowing you to make a big statement with their large size. The hitch plates are incredibly tough, as they are made of 1.4” thick metal. Our metal receiver hitch covers are renowned for being some of the most high quality covers on the market, so make sure and shop with us today and enjoy the benefits!

Our metal trailer hitch guards are all hand painted with a 3-D carved logo and are enameled on durable, rust-proof zinc. These metal hitch covers come with two sizes of hitch plugs, mounting screws and a noise reducing padded washer so you are able to install easily with the size you desire. Represent your favorite football and baseball teams by ordering our extra-large NFL trailer hitch covers, as well as MLB tow hitch covers today!

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